Fields of Expertise and Specialization :

Studies and Consultations

HT C provides studies, consultations and designs in subjects of Industrial Gauges and handling of Radioactive Materials in collaboration through various specialized experts locally and overseas.

Technical Services

  • Radiation Protection and Radiation Surveying Services
  • Operation, Maintenance and Contracting Services
  • Instrument and Equipment Supply
  • Laboratory Establishment

HT C also offers consultations to many companies and factories in the following Fields:

* Providing Consultations in the Radiation Fields and preparing scientific, technical and engineering studies concerning Radiation and Environmental practices and activities for many companies including design of Radiation Monitoring for workers, the public the environment and also assessment of risks resulting from Radiation exposure

* Design of installations, including walls, primary and secondary radiation barriers and shields for x-ray equipment, accelerators used in medicine, industries and

Technical Services

HTC, through its different preparations and experts offers many technical services in different fields which are available for both Governmental and Private Sectors. It is also at the disposal of individuals inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials

The National Rules for Radiation Protection commits installations dealing with Radioactive Materials to use and cooperate with bodies licensed in Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials. HT C is licensed in this regard and licensed Radiation Safety Officer in the field of Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials and [maintains well equipped vehicles prepared especially for the purpose of these operations.

Radiation Protection and Radiation Surveying Services

HT C Radiation Safety Officers possess superior experience and preparations to provide many services in the field of Radiation Protection, such as:

Preparation of Radiation Protection Programs for installations that deal with radiation sources or radioactive materials. This program is one of the requirements for getting a license of practice that involve radioactive sources and for authorization of use and handling of these sources, and preparation of the Radiation Safety Officer for participation in establishing this program and promoting it yearly with close supervision.

Preparation of the Radio-logical Emergency Response Plan according to the different practices and licensed radioactive sources considered as a necessary part of the radiation protection program of the installations and required by the national rules and preparation of the licensee to be able to take the necessary actions to mitigate the consequences in the event of a radiation accident.

Preparation and Establishment of the Quality Assurance Program required by the national rules for any installation that deals with radioactive sources.

Preparation of regulations, instructions, codes of practices, guidance and forms for radiation protection purposes for regulatory bodies as well as for licensees. This is in addition to Preparation of the local rules and work procedures for the licensees. These rules are required for licensing of practices as well as for acquiring sources.